Hollywood Blonde is a very versatile and highly entertaining POWERHOUSE Top 40 band playing music from several genres including dance, pop, funk, 80's, Latin, reggae, soul, and rock.  Together for over eleven years, the band has played more than 1000 shows at casinos, city events, festivals, corporate events, weddings, private parties, clubs and restaurants all over California, Nevada and beyond! Hollywood Blonde has a reputation for keeping the dance floors filled at every show!

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Stevie Nicks Illusion, A Tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, has been referred to as the most authentic sounding tribute to Fleetwood Mac to date!  The vocals and performance of Diana Grace are "Spot On" as Stevie Nicks from the early years of the 70's and 80's!  The musicianship of each band member is World Class and the vibe and sound together is pure magic.  Laurie Richardson not only captures the essence of Christine McVie in her voice, but also in her playing!  Monty Sommer's guitar work is sheer perfection and his vocals are stellar!  The band showcases the Best of Fleetwood Mac plus specially selected songs from Stevie Nicks' solo career, complete with duets with Tom Petty and Don Henley.  Drummer, Rich Smith, lends his voice to the Henley parts and backgrounds, making for a crowd pleasing bonus, and Jeff Bennett on bass rounds out the group with his solid rock groove! The shows are exciting as well as intimate, as they connect with the audience and engage with them in what can only be described as a magical shared musical experience!

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Band Members

Diana Grace  - Vocals (Hollywood Blonde, Stevie Nicks Illusion)

Jeff Bennett - Bass and Vocals (Hollywood Blonde, Stevie Nicks Illusion)

Rich Smith  - Drums and Vocals (Hollywood Blonde, Stevie Nicks Illusion)

Dave Tibbetts - Guitar and Vocals  (Hollywood Blonde)

Monty Sommer - Guitar and Vocals  (Stevie Nicks Illusion)

Laurie Richardson - Keyboards and Vocals  (Stevie Nicks Illusion)